Hi! I am the Smartphone Photography Boss

I am a trained Photographer, with over 5 years of photographic mastery, it was a unique and shocking joy to discover my love of and for photographing entrepreneurial journeys and the people who come with it.

In the last 10 months, I have met a huge number of really amazing people. Bakers, Doctors Authors, graphic designers, lawyers turned business coaches, weight-loss coaches, Bankers, Farmers, Engineers bloggers, chefs, Bartenders, accountants, Social media experts, and the list goes on. These bold, forward-thinking, industry thought leaders were my people. The people I talk to daily. But they all had the same problem.

Their brand photography wasn’t on par with the brand they were creating and they didn’t know where to go for brand photography beyond a headshot and with a camera, they carry everywhere with them.

That’s when I decided to create the Smartphone Photography Boss Studios to give the world’s thriving entrepreneur community the type of skill set they need to take amazing product and everyday pictures with their smartphones and also help those who can’t learn to take pictures with pictures that match the vision they have for their brands.

- Ibukun Komolafe